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Specialty Pizzas

10" $10.75 12" $13.75 14" $16.75 16" $18.75

*Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chicken, *Taco Pizza, *Chicken Supreme, *BBQ Beef Pizza, *Hawaiian Pineapple, *Chicken Fajita, *BBQ Chicken, *All Meat, *All Veggie, *Hawaiian BBQ, *Supreme Special, *Super Pepperoni, *Bacon Cheeseburger, *Chicken Quesadilla

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Kellie's Cupcakes

Flavors Change Weekly. Choose from Death By Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana Pudding and Many More!!


Cinnamon Sticks

10" In House Made Cinnamon Dessert! Drizzled with sugary white icing!


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All Prices Are Tax Included.

All Prices Are Tax Included.

All Prices Are Tax Included.

All Prices Are Tax Included.

All Prices Are Tax Included.

                  Store Hours

Open Mon-Thurs  1030am till 8pm

Open Fri & Sat   1030am till 9pm  

                 Closed Sunday                



Cajun Chicken Salad

Taco Salad

Ham & Cheese

Bacon "Smashed" Tater

Beef Nachos

"Chicago" Cracker Crust

Welcome To The Pizza Place



Supreme Special
14" Large $16.75

9 Toppings. All the Meats & Veggies!

14" Large One-topping.

10" Small $7.50 12" Medium $10.00 16" X-Large $13.50 Extra Toppings: 10" - 1.25 12" -1.50 14" -1.75 16" - 2.00 Extra Cheese: 10" -2.50 12" -3.25 14" -3.50 16" -4.00

"BIG" SLICE X-Large New Yorker

Thin & Crispy New York Style Pizza Served with Garlic Sauce. Priced the same as regular X-Large Pizza. 8 X Large Slices!

Available Toppings

Available Toppings:Pepperoni, Sausage, Beef, Italian Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Grilled Chicken, Onions, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Black Olives, Green Olives, Pineapple, Mushrooms and Jalapeno Peppers.

Deep Dish Available in Medium, Large & X-Large


Pizza Stuffer (2 toppings), BBQ Pork Stuffer, Southwest Chili Stuffer, Supreme Stuffer, Meatball Stuffer

Bread and Breadsticks

Breadsticks with Cheese
10" 8.00 12" 11.00

10" Single Order and 12" Family Size Order

Garlic Cheese Bread


Big Salads

*Grilled Chicken. *Fresh Garden, *Chicken Fajita, *Chicken Bite, *Cajun Chicken, *Hawaiian Pineapple, *Taco Salad, *Chicken Taco, *Ham or *Turkey Chef

Big Deluxe Salad

"BIG" Deluxe Salad is a Combination Salad.

Dressing Choices For ALL Salads Include: Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, 1000 Island, Fat Free Italian, French & Honey Mustard. Salads Served with Cafe Crackers.

Subs and Sandwiches

6" Oven Baked Subs

*Chicken Fajita, *Chicken Cordon Bleu, *Low-Cal Chicken, *Cajun Chicken, *Honey Mustard Chicken, *Roast Chicken Club, *Grilled Chicken, *Italian Sausage, *Meatball, *Cheeseburger, *Turkey Club, *Italian Hero, *Italian Sub, *BBQ Chicken, *Turkey Ham Hero, *Pizza Bread, *BBQ Pork, *Mushroom Burger, *Turkey & Cheese, *Ham Club, *Veggie Melt, *Ham & Cheese, *Jack Daniels Cheeseburger, & *Bacon Cheeseburger. All Subs are Served with Chips & a Pickle Spear.

Deli Sandwiches

*Ham & Cheese, *Turkey & Cheese, *Italian Classic, *Crispy Chicken, *Deli Ham or Turkey Club, *Turkey Bacon Ranch, & *BBQ Pork. All Deli Sandwiches Are Served With Chips & A Pickle Spear.

9" Panini Sandwich

*Italian Panini, *Garlic Grilled Chicken, *Meatball, *TurkeyBacon Ranch Served with Chips & Pickle Spear.

For $1.50 Extra You can Substitute a Baked Potato for The Chips On Any Dish.

Wings and Things

Buffalo Wings

Choose *Regular or *Honey BBQ or *Cajun or *Jack Daniels BBQ Or Mt.Pleasant "HOT". Served with Chips.

Wings Available Regular or Boneless or NAKED!

Chicken Bites

*Regular or *Cajun or *Honey BBQ or *Jack Daniels BBQ or Mt.Pleasant "HOT" Served with Chips and Sauce Add a Baked potato in place of chips for $1.50 extra.

Pizza Place Sampler

Your Choice of Tater Skins, Buffalo Wings and Chicken Bites All on One Plate!


Baked Spaghetti

Mild or Spicy Meat or Grilled Chicken or Italian Sausage. Covered with Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheese.

Baked Spaghetti With Red Sauce Only

All Spaghetti is Served With Toasted Garlic Bread & Parmesan Cheese On The Side.

Tater Skins and "Smashed" Taters

Baked Tater Skins

*Ham Skins, *Bacon Skins, *Chili Skins, *BBQ Skins, *Grilled Chicken Skins or *Double Cheese Skins

Specialty Tater Skins

*Cajun BBQ Skins, *Cajun Chicken Skins, or *Triple Cheese & Bacon Skins

"Smashed" Taters

*Bacon Cheddar, *Grilled Chicken, *Chili, *Ham & Cheddar, or *BBQ Pork . "Smashed" Tater with Butter & Sour Cream Only $6.00

Specialty "Smashed" Taters

*Triple Cheese & Bacon, *Mozzarella Veggie, *Hawaiian BBQ, *BBQ Chicken, *Southwest Chili, Chicken Alfredo or OUR #1 Seller *Cajun Chicken



Double Cheese Beef, BBQ, or Chili Nachos or Buffalo Chicken

Kid's Menu

Available With Adult Purchase Only.

MiniMe Pizza

Grilled Cheese

Kid's Chicken Bites

Kid's Sketti

Mini Tater Skins

Cheese Nachos


Party Tray

12 Subs $42.50 or 40 Skins $42.50 or 50 Wings $52.00

Variety Platter

Combination of Chicken Bites, Skins & Wings!

''BIG" Party Salad

Salad For 15-20 Choose - Grilled Chicken, Chef,$42.50 or Garden $38.50

Pasta Trays

Baked Sketti Mild or Spicy Meat $45.00 or Chicken Alfredo $55 Served With Garlic Bread. Feeds 15-20 people. Please Allow 24 Hours Notice.

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Turkey Bacon Ranch Panini

All Prices Are Tax Included.

Lunch Menu Daily till 2pm


Regular,PickleSticks, or Pepperoni Sticks

Grandma & Detroit & Chicago Thin  Available in Large Only.

Specialty Tater Slices       



Extra Cheese:  10"-2.75 12"- 3.50 14" -3.75 16"-4.25


All Prices Are Tax Included.

10" Small 8.50 12" Medium 10.50 16" X-Large 14.50

 Tater Skins       

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